John Deere Track Loader / Bobcat Track Loader: Power In Small Packages

John Deere Track Loader / Bobcat Track Loader: Power in Small Packages

If you've been waiting to buy, a John Deere track loader now makes more sense than ever, thanks to some new additions or changes to their line.

For starters, Deere has added the CT315, a small-frame model, to it's current mini track loader line. At 45-hp, the CT315 is Deere's smallest track loader. It has a 12.6" wide track. The machine overall is just a bit more than 60 inches. what's more, this is the company's first radial lift mini track loader.

According to John Deere representatives, they purposely designed the CT315 to be super small and super compact. It is intended to be used primarily for difficult working in tight places. Its radial lift system uses a linkage which keeps its lift arms near to the machine itself when the loader bucket is close to the ground. This makes it perfect for prying, digging and just general compactness.

The CT315 is quite powerful, boasting a 1,500 pound rated operation capacity. It's also quite productive, thanks to its cushioned bucket and lift cylinders. . They also cushion the bucket as you curl and dump a load.

The CT315's 360 degree view is the best in the industry. This view is uninterrupted to its sides, both below and above its lift arms. The operator is able to see the ground around the macnine as well as the tracks, with its boom in the rest position.

John Deere has a 60-40 weight distribution which is simply unsurpassed, and that holds true on this model too, from the back to the front. This gives operators an excellent balance of power, stability and maneuverability.

If you're not quite ready to gamble on something as new as the CT315, you can still get mobility and compactness in a more tried-and-true Deere machine. One of the best examples is the John Deere 450 track loader. It has excellent power that has made it a favorite for years, and its crawler assembly makes it perfect for maneuvering even the toughest terrain. Plus, because it has been such a proven performer in the industry, it's also well supported among parts suppliers. If you ever have maintenance issues, it will be easy to find JohnDeere 450 track loader parts.

The biggest task you're likely to do with your track loader is at digging sites. Many track machines are notorious for having mechanical problems, such as throwing a track. However, John Deere has earned a name for itself in this industry precisely because their models avoid most of these issues. And the 450 has proven itself ahead of the pack in this area.

The 450 will be a good choice especially if your budget is limited, but you have a lot of small jobs to get done. It's much more affordable than larger loaders, yet surprisingly powerful. It's more cost efficient than bigger models, and ultimately should have fewer wear-and-tear problems as a result.

One other good option comes from outside the Deere family. We're talking about the Bobcat. While we don't have time to go in depth about it, let's give just a short Bobcat track loader review.

People we've spoken with are almost unanimously pleased with their Bobcat purchase. They cite the machines' ruggedness, maneuverability and power-to-weight ratio, all of which allow the bobcat to work in even extremely demanding environments.

The Bobcat ofers more in increased productivity than many other brands, mostly because they're being constantly performed. They have a high-performance undercarriage that will serve well on all terrains. And they're known to last even in extreme weather conditions-- more so than even the standard mini track loader.

So whether you go with the Bobcat or the John Deere Track Loader, you should find that the performance far exceeds even your most demanding needs.